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Fashion photographer Christopher Kilkus was  born into fashion photography.  His mother was a successful fashion model in the 1960's and 1970's, and Chris Kilkus enjoyed seeing all her photos and listening to all her stories from that era.  After traveling around the world as a photographer, Chris KILKUS spent several years in New York City working alongside some of the top fashion photographers and models in the business.  He often worked in Santa Monica, California, and ultimately Chris KILKUS decided to move to the sunshine and surf along the California coast.  His classic yet inspired modern style has adorned magazines, newspapers and billboards all over the world.
Originally from San Francisco, Christopher Kilkus discovered his love of fashion and photography early in life.  He pursued career fashion model management before beginning his path to becoming a professional photographer. After starting out in San Francisco, CHRIS KILKUS e spent two years working throughout Asia, and 7 years in New York City, where he developed a reputation for excellent work with a great attitude. Christopher currently splits his time between New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.Type your paragraph here. Christopher Kilkus Photography fashion photography and Christopher Kilkus Photography advertising photography.

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